Final Film – ‘How Moments Pass’

One of the parts of the final preparation before creating my final piece, was to create a series of drafts so that I could get an idea of how my two minute film opening will eventually look. After reviewing my first, second and third drafts I decided that I liked the style but I still needed to make the narrative more clear, the sound needed another element to it and my titles needed to be more creative. This is my final film.


Evaluation 7 – Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

This evaluation question discusses how my media skills have developed throughout the course and how these skills assisted me in the creation of my final media product.


The preliminary task was the first time I was required to use camera and filming techniques, and editing software. Subsequently, I have completed other tasks like my mundane task and the continuity task. Each of these experiences have helped me to further develop my skills in the progression to my final opening sequence.

The main purpose of the preliminary task was to learn about continuity in a product, and how to film and edit footage in order for the piece to flow. In this task the actor walks to a door and walks into a room where she engages in a short conversation with another actor. Throughout this, there is a sense of flow to the dialogue and movement as I have edited the shots so that the narrative makes sense. However, in my final film opening I have done the opposite and have gone against the continuity style of editing as my piece has a non-limier narrative structure and so I am constantly cutting back and forth between the present day with the girl on her own and the past when the couple were together.

In my preliminary task I did not use a tripod and so the shots are not as steady as they should be, showing how I had little understanding of how to construct a shot at the beginning of the course. I learnt from this experience and subsequently I used a tripod in my final film so that the shots were clear and the audience is more able to concentrate on the narrative.

Additionally, in my preliminary task I used the 180 degrees rule where you keep the actors on the same side of the screen no matter what angle you are filming from. For example here, this actor is on the right of the screen whilst she talks to the other actor and then when the shot cuts to the other view point she is still on the right. This rule taught me a lot about how to keep clarity and continuity when filming a conversation between two actors.

I also learnt about ‘match on action’ which is when you change the camera angle at the exact point an action happens in the narrative. For example in my preliminary task I change the camera angle when one of the actors opens the door. Here the shot is on one side of the door and then as she opens it, the shot changes to inside the room she is entering. I do something similar to this in my final film where the girl and boy walk towards each other and as she reaches up to touch his face, he disappears.

I did this by first filming the two characters walking towards each other and the female actor touching the male actors cheek. I then told the female actor to stay perfectly still whilst the male actor moved out of the shot. I then filmed the girl grabbing at the air where the male character’s face would have been. I had to use my editing skills very carefully to make his disappearance look liked it flowed and the shot didn’t change too much.

Another task I completed in the run up to developing my final product was the ‘mundane task’. The purpose of this task was to take something ordinarily boring and everyday like cooking a meal, and make it interesting to watch through using different camera angles and editing techniques. This task taught me a lot about different camera shots like close ups and mid shots. I used this knowledge in my final product as I have incorporated a range of different shot lengths, including close ups, mid shots, long shots and extreme close ups. I used another match on action shot where the actor opens the fridge door to take the limes. As the door opens the camera angle changes.

I also completed a task where I added titles to an existing clip from a film. This taught me about after effects and the sorts of titles which go into a film opening. I used these skills in my final film opening but I developed the visuals of my titles to make them more interesting for the audience.

Evaluation 6 – What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

This question aims to show how my technological skills have improved through the process of constructing my media product. I demonstrate how I have learnt to edit and export a clip using premiere pro software. I show how I learnt to use a camera through the aperture task. And finally I present the product which I used after effects software to create.